Leicester Grammar School Nature Boards

I’ve just finished a commission to design and illustrate five interpretive boards for Leicester Grammar School’s nature trail. Many thanks to LGS Head of Classics, Andrew Harrop for suggesting me for this work, External Relations Officer Natalie Hunt for all her help, and especially to the botanical artists from the school’s Florilegium Society: Wendy Harvey, Carole Screaton, Diana Stevens, Ann Lancini and Belinda Davies, whose beautiful paintings added another dimension to the designs.

Leicester Grammar School Nature Board 1

Leicester Grammar School Nature Board 2

Leicester Grammar School Nature Board 3

Leicester Grammar School Nature Board 4

Leicester Grammar School Nature Board 5

Got a site or project for which you require something similar? Please get in touch via the Contact page! I can supply artwork from stock of most common British wildlife, or paint new illustrations at competitive rates.

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Leicester Grammar School Nature Boards — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Andrew,
    I write to congratulate you on your wonderful interpretative panels for Leicester Grammar School. As the landscape architects who undertook the design of the ponds, wetlands and woods we are very pleased to see how well the landscape has developed and is obviously achieving its aim of attracting wildlife as well dealing with drainage and visual setting for the school. Lovely artwork and very informative. Regards, Don
    Director and Principal Landscape Architect of Munro + Whitten

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