Changing Styles

Some artists have an instantly recognisable style. There’s no mistaking a Robert Gillmor linocut, or a Bruce Pearson painting. But painting in a constant style is not something I’ve ever been able to do, or indeed ever really wanted to do. I have too much of a ‘butterfly mind’ and get bored too easily to do that, no matter how beneficial it might be commercially.

It was brought home to me recently just how varied my work is when I took a collection of 11 pieces to Norfolk the other day to hand over to Laura Cole of True Blue Art. They ranged in style from these highly detailed paintings… (click on the images to see bigger versions, by the way)

Bald EagleBald Eagle, acrylic on gesso panel

Barn OwlBarn Owl, acrylic on canvas

… to these more recent works, which are completely different:

HareHare, ink & acrylic on Strathmore Mixed Media board

Running HareRunning Hare, ink & acrylic on canvas

Wigeon framedWigeon, ink & acrylic on Strathmore Mixed Media board

It will be interesting to see people’s reactions to these new pieces when they’re exhibited at various events over the summer. I hope they will be popular, as they take me a lot less time to do than the more detailed stuff, which can get very tedious after a while!


Changing Styles — 2 Comments

  1. Andy,
    I think trying to establish an art style based on the consensus of opinion of a passing audience can possibly be a little misleading. With me my moods and therefore my preferences in painting styles can change from day to day, just as with music. Some days I can listen to a Led Zep album on full volume, but on another day I just simply cannot face it and I need something totally different, a piece of classical perhaps.
    Good luck with the exhibitions.

    • Thanks for the comment, Gus, and sorry for the delay in approving it – I hadn’t logged in for a few days.

      I know what you mean – I’m exactly the same with music, including Led Zep and classical!

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